Age of Empires Training

The Age of Empires academy is aspiring to be the most complete training platform for players who are interested in improving at Age of Empires 2.

What the William Wallace Campaign Doesn’t Teach You

This website is dedicated to helping you learn to play Age of Empires 2, with a collection of free tutorials and guides. Whether you’re trying to beat the AI, your friends or want play competitively, you will find everything you could possibly want to know within these pages.

 If you ever wondered how to lure boar, when to trade or how to micro like TheViper then there’s a written article, video guide, in-game scenario or print-out that will help you to learn how. 

 These guides are designed to maximize your fun in Age of Empires 2, you don’t have to spend hours at a time reading. Instead each important lesson can be learned in just a few minutes, allowing you to take your new knowledge into the game and put it into practise. 

All of these tutorials are written by ZeroEmpires, an AoE2 caster and tournament organiser since 2011 with more than 10,000 hours in the game. Many articles are fact-checked and written with the help of expert players such as TheViper, TaToH and TheMax. Click on a Town Center to get started.

Where To Start

Absolute Beginner

If you’ve never played Age of Empires before or you haven’t played in a long time then start here. This course will make sure that you’re set up for success and introduce you to the most important basic ideas in Age of Empires 2.


Beginner (Under 1600 HD)

The Beginner course is for players who haven’t played online before. If you are familiar with the game through watching streams, but haven’t started to play yet then also start here. This course teaches about game objectives and the most important areas to focus on as a beginner.

Intermediate (1600-2000 HD)

Start here if you understand the importance of hotkeys, the basic flow of the game and what your objectives should be in a match. This course will go on to teach you build orders, forward planning, economy management and more details about strategy.

Advanced (2000+ HD)

You’ve reached 2k on AoEHD and it’s time to move on to competing at a higher level. This course is aimed at taking you from HD to Voobly and setting you on the path to reach 1800+ there. This course teaches good practise and advanced tips.

Useful Resources

Discord Commnuity

Learning is much more effective when you have a supportive community to help you. The Discord Server is a great place to ask questions and get answers about anything Age of Empires 2. There’s lots of knowledgeable players willing to help you out and lots of players at the same skill level looking for practise partners.

Steam Mod Collection

Age of Empires 2 mods to set you up for competitive play. Includes Small Trees, Grid Mod and many of the ZeroEmpires tutorial scenarios. Use these mods to practise and perfect your Hotkeys, Mouse Precision or even certain build orders. Everything is downloadable in one click or select which mods you’d like to install individually.

AoE2 Stats

This website is a great tool for finding all of the hidden data in Age of Empires. Most units have hidden stats which can only be seen using special tools. AoE2 Stats allows you to see detailed information about everything in the game including technologies and bonuses. Select between The Conquerors or AoEHD DLC at the top of the page.

AoE2 Calendar

The Age of Empires calendar keeps you up to date with all of the upcoming competitive matches. Most big tournaments and games are featured here, it can always be valuable to watch high level gameplay from the player point of view or with commentary to explain what’s going on.

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