The score in Age of Empires can tell us a lot, it can indicate if  your opponent has clicked up to the next age or if they are trying to come and steal your resources at the very start of a match. Score can also be a bit misleading, as having a higher score doesn’t necessarily always mean that you’re ahead. Many players can find the score demotivating when they’re behind by a few hundred points. This guide will help you to understand exactly how score is calculated in AoE2 and how to read some of the subtleties about it.

Your total score is calculated by adding four elements together, they are:


This score is calculated as 20% of the value of any units or buildings that you’ve killed or converted. For example, killing a lumber camp which costs 100 wood is worth 20 points. It’s also worth noting that all resources are valued the same by the game, so something worth 100 gold would provide 20 points when killed as well. This is interesting since Gold and Stone are clearly the more valuable resources logically.


The economy score is calculated as 10% the value of your current resources plus 20% of anything you have built. So 100 wood in the bank is worth 10 points, but a lumber camp costing 100 wood is worth 20. 

This puts a higher value on spent resources than banked ones, remember this for later. You also keep score for tributing resources to your allies, 10% of the resources sent are kept as permanent score.


Similarly to the economy score, technology score is calculated as 20% of the resource value of any techs you have. An example of this could be the Imperial Age tech, it costs 1800 resources and so awards 360 points once it completes. In addition to this, 10 points are awarded for each 1% of the map which you explore, for a maximum of 1000 points.


Finally the society score, which is a bit of a strange one. Society scores 20% of the cost of any castles or wonders that you build during the game. This makes an interesting case where castles are not scored under economy but instead scored separately. It also means that when Castles are destroyed your score is not reduced by 130, but instead your score doesn’t reflect the destruction of your castle at all.

Individual & Team Scores

To show the scores in game you can press F4 on your keyboard or click on the scores icon to the top right of the mini-map: .

You can see a list of players and their individual score. For team games a second score will be shown after the /, this is the average team score. 

In Game Score

Reading The Score

By looking at the score we can make some assumptions about what our opponent might be doing. This information isn’t 100% reliable and should be followed up with some scouting to confirm your assumption, but it’s still a valuable skill to have. The main thing to keep in mind is not to let the score demotivate you, seeing your opponent with a score lead does not always mean that they are winning the game. Consider a situation where your opponent has a 500 score lead but you just killed two of their castles and they have 2400 banked resources without spending them. In this case those 500 points are practically meaningless. In fact, the further into a match you go the less information you can read from the score.


Early game score differences are mostly a result of scouting.  If you’re playing the Mongols, Incas, Aztecs or Mayans the chances are you’ll lead the early game scores thanks to the extra line of sight on your scout. However, early scores can give an indication of strategy. Take a player who decides to push deer  to the Town Center instead of scouting around the map, their score will reflect this by being lower than expected. This can tell you that they could be going for a Drush or Man at Arms play and likely haven’t sent their scout to find you yet.

Aging Up

When you click up to the next age your score dips, this is because the Economy score will drop as you spend resources on the tech. However, until the tech is completed you won’t receive the Technology points. For the Feudal Age this means that your score will drop by 50 when you click up, and then increase by 100 once the tech is completed. If you see your opponent suddenly drop 50 score then the chances are they just clicked to Feudal. The same is true for the Castle Age if you spot a 100 score drop.

This is a legitimate technique that pro players use, spotting these score drops can have massive influence on the game. Imagine you’re in the Feudal Age and you see your opponent drop 100 score. You know they just clicked to Castle and spent 800 food and 200 gold. Depending on the current game situation this may spur you to push out and attack, or consider walling your map with stone walls if you know that you won’t be able to click up for a while yourself.