This build order is the same for any standard land map, whether that’s Arabia, Arena or Black Forest. The first 6 minutes of the game should be the same no matter what and it’s only after this that things start to change. Once you’ve mastered the first five minutes you can pick any of the other build orders that follow on and steadily build up your knowledge one thing at a time. With nearly 200,000 views on YouTube this build order is by far the most well known, and you’d do well to know it too!

Map Types: Standard Land.

Age: Dark.

Best Civs: All.

Special Notes: Britons, Chinese, Huns, Incas, Spanish.

First 6 Villagers

First queue villagers at the Town Center, then build two houses. One house built with two villagers and the second with the remaining one.
Select your scout and start looking for sheep.

Your first benchmark is to find your sheep within 30-45 seconds of game time, this is possible the majority of the time. In rare cases it shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds to find your sheep and so long as you have the sheep at the Town Center by 1 minute and 10 seconds of game time you won’t suffer any TC idle time.
Keep sending villagers to gather sheep until you have 6.

Villagers 7-10

Your next villager should go and build a lumber camp and three more villagers should follow them so that you have 4 villagers gathering wood.
Your second benchmark is to have 11 population and have found your first boar by 3 minutes of game time.


Villagers 11-13

The following villager after sending four to wood should be sent to take your first boar. You can read my boar luring guide here.
At this stage things start to get a little more tricky – as your villager is walking out to lure the first boar your Town Center gather point should be set to the berries. The villager that is created to go out to berries should build a house close by, but not blocking them. At around the same time the first boar will be coming back to the TC.
The 13th villager will come out of the TC and also head toward the berries, this villager should build a mill. The previous villager that was sent to build the house should automatically head over to help build the mill, and if not then you should send them to take the berries.

Villagers 14-16

One more villager then goes out to berries so that you have a total of 3. Villager number 15 should then be sent to grab the second boar.
Your benchmark now is to have found all of your starting resources, that’s 8 sheep, 2 boar, main gold, main stone and preferably the deer patch. This should be done by 4 minutes of game time.
After sending your next villager to take the second boar the final villager should be sent to berries to make a total of four. This will bring you to 17 population and if everything went well the game clock should read 5 minutes and 30 seconds. This is your final benchmark and the end of the starting build order.

Special Notes


Thanks to the Britons’ sheep gather bonus it’s possible to add just 5 villagers to gather sheep instead of 6. You would follow the same order of villagers but this will allow you to send your first villager to wood 1 villager earlier.


The hardest civ to start with due to the Chinese having 6 villagers at the start of the game and 0 food. You should try to find your sheep as quickly as you possibly can and then send your first created villager to also gather sheep for a total of 7. This allows you to keep on top of villager production without needing to constantly force drop food at the Town Center. Everything else should follow on normally.


As the Huns have no need for houses your first three villagers should instead be used to scout and to chop wood until the sheep make it to the Town Center. Continue the build order as normal but without needing to build houses throughout.


The Incas start with a free llama so once your villagers have built their houses you can guarantee to have a food source under the Town Center. If your sheep are extremely close by then you can use the sheep first and use the llama to scout instead. The llama makes a better scout than sheep thanks to its larger line of sight.


Thanks to the Spanish 30% faster building bonus you can build three houses at the start of the game instead of two. Using one villager to build each house you will still be able to have the first house constructed before you get housed.